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Hi everyone!

Hello again everyone,

Well it's been another busy week at Easy English. Thank you to all the visitors who decided to check out Easy English this week and last week. I hope you all study hard and make your English Dreams come true.
We are unfortunately losing some students this month. Keitaro is going to Hiroshima to make his coffee shops successful. Also Yusuke is heading to Tokyo to become the next number one host in Chibuya! Good luck to both of you for your future, and remember that you will always have a home to come back to at Easy English. You will always be special to me and also to all the students that you studied with.
We are going to have a bit of a party for Keitaro this month on the last Saturday of the month. I hope everyone will be able to attend. We are also welcoming a new teacher at Easy English. His name is Stephen and he is running his own school from the next classroom. We are going to go to "Cotton fields" which is an American stlye restaurant in Nakasu. It's got great food and international beers. So should be a great time had for all. See you all there.
Thanks again everyone for supporting Easy English. Hope to see you all at school soon.



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