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Hey everyone!

Well, people have been asking me lately about a bbq party this month or next month. I think it's a great idea and it's something we haven't done at Easy English before. So on the last Saturday of this month we are going to try one of two options. Either we are going to go to John's house for a bbq party on the 29th of May, or we are all going to go to a beer garden on the same night and drink some beer and have some yakiniku. Both options are good and I'll have a chat with John this week and let everyone know next week what is going on.

Thankyou to all the new students who came to the last party just before golden week. Again it was a new restaurant, but I think the food and the service were pretty good. 
We have a lot of new students joining the school recently and I'd like to personally thank them for choosing Easy English. I think recently students are looking for a better, cheaper option when it comes to studying english. I really hope that we offer that to students and that all students enjoy studying here, because I really enjoy teaching you all.
Anyway, I'm glad many students had a relaxing golden week and that you are all refreshed and ready to study hard this summer to achieve your english goals. I'll let everyone know about the bbq party soon. Have a great week everyone!



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