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Hi everyone.

As you may have heard already, Geos Japan went bankrupt yesterday amid huge debt to banks. While I'm not surprised  to hear this news, it is still a little disappointing for me to see a company which I used to work for fail so quickly and moreover I feel for all my good friends who are still working at Geos and who's future is uncertain at this time.
In my opinion there are a few reasons why Geos has failed in Japan, and it doesn't have a lot to do with the failure of Nova, but it has more to do with the failure of the big english schools in general to remain competitive in an economy where value for money is becoming more and more of a focus in Japanese thinking. Geos and Nova were no longer value for money in most peoples' eyes and I'm not sure if they ever were. The cheapest contract at Geos when I was working there was about was about 130000 yen a year. The average price for a regular course was about 260000 yen a year. while that sounds reasonable for a yearly course of study, you have to keep in mind the quality that you would receive for that amount. To my knowledge, towards the end of Geos's existence teachers were not being trained by Geos and young teachers, often with no english teaching experience were walking straight into classrooms and teaching Japanese students the best they could. The quality of the lessons therefore were not equal to the amount of money charged by Geos.
Another reason Geos failed in Japan was over expansion. Even in the face of economic ruin, Management of Geos were naively looking to expand the size and reach of the company. In a healthy economy, this idea is sound. However, most people in Japan have understood that the economy has not been healthy for a long time now. In the new Japan, cost effective, smaller companies are continuing to succeed, all be it not to the same level as bigger companies. When things go wrong however and business is down, smaller companies are able to adapt and change to the new economic conditions, larger companies however have more difficulties in making dramatic changes. So I guess the message is not to be greedy and to keep your business manageable. 
Finally, an offer to any Geos students who are not happy with the service they are getting from Geos at the moment. If you wish to make a change, Easy English is offering one month free to all past students of Geos. Again, Easy English is a small school with  a very relaxed atmosphere, where you'll be taught from qualified teachers who have had many years experience teaching in Japan. So if you're looking for a change than give us a call or an email. All the best to the students and teachers at Geos and I hope that everything turns out well for you in the long run.



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