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Hey everyone!

Hello to everyone from Easy English.

Sorry I haven't written a blog for a while now but I have been on holidays for a few days over last week and I couldn't get to a computer to say hello. 
I had a good time over the last few weeks. My wife was away in London so I got a chance to live the single life again. It was fun but I did miss her a bit and I spent too much money. I have to save now because I'm broke.
A couple of things to remember. The Easy English holiday is coming up over Golden Week and the school will be closed for a few days from the 29th of April to the 5th of May. We will be open again however from the 6th of May. I hope you all have a great holiday and you get a good chance to relax and recharge the batteries. If you don't have many days off, you could maybe just stay at home and watch your favourite english drama on dvd. There are a few options out there at the moment but I recommend the new "Heros" series which I watched over my holidays. It was pretty interesting but was a bit difficult to follow in a few parts. But check it out if you have a few days to kill.
Also remember we are having a party on the 24th of April. That's next week on Saturday night. We are all going to meet at Easy English at about 8:15pm and then we'll all walk to the resturant from here. Hope to see you all there and we can have a few drinks together. 
Thanks to all the new students this month who have joined. Let's study hard together and learn some English. Take care everyone and I'll see you at Easy English this week. Jay.



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