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the party.

 Just a quick note to everyone about the party this weekend (the 20th of February). The place for the party has changed a bit. We were going to go to the hawaiian resturant in Daimiyo called "Nalu", but unfortunately we couldn't get into that resturant until 9:30 pm. This might have been a bit late for all the students who have to catch the last train home. So we decided to go to the small resturant across the street from Easy English called "Yajinke". Sorry to all the students who were looking forward to some tasty hawaiian food, but we will try to get a booking at that resturant for the next party. I hope you all get this message in time and don't end up going to the wrong resturant. I'm really looking forward to having a few drinks with everyone on Saturday. See you all there.




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